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Shark.io is one of the interesting games about sharks. Start as a small shark, to mature, eat fish smaller than you and humans. When you have reached a certain maturity, eat the same fish as yourself to quickly grow bigger.

Big shark eats little shark

The journey to become the biggest shark in the ocean is not an easy thing. You need to go through the baby shark stage and gradually grow into a big shark. The first steps, you need to eat small fish, this is just a normal fish, eat a lot of them to help you increase a certain size. To quickly grow taller, eat people bathing in the sea. They don't notice your presence at all, quickly eating them before the humans notice and swim ashore.

Uncompromising battle between sharks

Sharks are notorious for being brutal fish. They will not spare any species including their own. The fight gets more and more fierce the longer you maintain. The fish bigger than you will come closer to you. The smell of blood around can easily attract other guys.

Speed ​​of movement

If you look closely, you will see that the bigger you are, the slower you will move. Fish that are too small can avoid your attack or the opponent is too big and you can't get out of their mouths. Choose a suitable swimming position to avoid being eaten by sharks larger than you.

The journey to become the biggest shark has no end

If you know how to last for a long time and get bigger and terrify the smaller fish, you'll find it really easy. But once there is a bigger shark than you, the game will stop and you have to go back to your old position as the baby shark begins the journey to become a big shark.