Sea Battleship

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About Sea Battleship

Some descriptions

Become a talented strategist in Sea Battleship. In this game, you will have to arrange your battleship so that it survives the enemy's attacks.

Sea Battleship is a tense battle of talented strategists. 2 players will be provided with a certain number of battleships. These warships can be twin battleships or can also be single capture ships. Regardless of the battleship, you must defend it against the attack of the opponent. This game requires you to be really smart to be able to arrange the battleships. In addition, the player must also predict the opponent's moves when attacking. Finally, luck is also important. Because all ships are covered, sometimes you won't know where your opponent's battleship is. With luck, you can easily destroy the enemy's battleship. What are you waiting for without joining this game right away?

About graphic design

For someone, this game is a part of childhood. You will have to draw battleships on paper and use ballpoint pen dots as bullets. This game has also reproduced the game completely when using the interface of paper and ballpoint pen. If when drawing battleships on paper, your opponent will see the position of battleships, then join this game right away. The ships will be covered one hundred percent. Play and relive your childhood moments.

Play with your friends

This game has two game modes: play against AI and play against humans. You can choose to play against the game's AI and can also create your own style and invite your friends. Here, you and your friends will create great moments in the game. Playing this game helps you and your friends strengthen your friendships.

Participate in the intense battle in Sea Battleship

The principles of arranging the warship

Before the start of the battle, the players will have time to arrange their battleships. You use the mouse and drag to arrange the position of these ships. You will arrange the battleships on a piece of paper with squares. This sheet of paper is 10x10 in size. You can arrange your battleship anywhere on the paper. However, there is a small note that these ships must be separated by at least one square. Let's arrange the position of the ships properly and join the battle

Attack your opponent' warship

After arranging the position of the battleships you will be put into an intense battle. Here, you and your opponent will take turns attacking each other's own ships. You predict the position of the opponent's battleship and use the mouse to activate the bullet. When the bullet hits a battleship, that warship will be blackened and you will have an extra attack. The squares around ships that have been completely destroyed will be marked with an X. For ships that have not been completely destroyed, you must continue to attack to completely destroy this battleship. If you miss, it will be your opponent's turn. This game will end when someone completely destroys the enemy's battleship. Are you the winner? Play and prove yourself.