Runaway Toad

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Runaway Toad rescues the frog from the castle. Help him escape from that place as far as possible. Limit fall into the water if you don't want to hide again.

The story of the frog prince kiss

Like many frog prince kiss stories that you know before, the frog prince because of his arrogance was enchanted by a witch and turned into an ugly frog. He needs someone who loves and can ignore his ugly appearance to return to his original form. But that's just another frog prince's fairy tale.

With this game, the plot is not like that. A mysterious princess was locked in a castle with the desire to kiss the frogs and wish one of them to become one of the handsome princes so all the frogs outside were captured. one child left. Unable to accept the fate of the iron cage in the castle, our main character finds a way to escape from this hell.

Rescue the main character

Help the main frog escape from the castle as far as possible and not get caught again, you need to move the frog to move through the rocks. Because once the frog falls into the water, the frog will be taken by a crow back to its original place. Therefore, limit falling into the water if you do not want to have to escape many times.

Walk on the rocks

The only way to escape now is to move on the rocks, going as far as possible. To move, you need to click on the frog, choose the jumping force to move from one rock to another without falling into the water. The escape journey will not stop ending, you can only jump forward. The farther you jump, the more experienced you are in running away without falling into the water.

Eat the insects

In the process of running away, the frog is quite exhausted in having to jump many times, so eating insects is the solution to re-energize the frog. Stick out your tongue when an insect is near you. In addition, eating insects helps you to evolve into a taller amphibian. In the process of escaping, you also come across some items that help you move more easily. Make good use of it.