Run Run Duck

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Run Run Duck invites you to join the duck in his adventure to find the golden egg. You will go through many challenges because the road to find it is not easy. You can experience the platformer adventure in Badland.

Inspiration of the game

With 2D graphics along with colorful pixel images that make you think of the legendary game called Mario. That's right, with Mario as the inspiration, you can now enjoy another variation of a duck with the goal of finding the golden egg.

The duckling's journey to find golden eggs

The duckling is on a journey to find his golden egg. In the process of going, he did not know how many challenges he had to go through to get the egg. Help the duck avoid obstacles, punch the ground to collect money.

Obstacles appear in the game

Obstacles will not stop appearing in front of you. It can be pink or purple freaks or flames that move up and down. Or you fall off the ground and fall into a pit. You can only trample pink and red creatures, purple creatures are not affected so stay away from it as far as possible. Choose when to go to avoid being burned or jump too early or not far enough to fall into the pit. Because time is limited, you need to hurry to the egg before time runs out. As you move, notice the time remaining at the top right of the screen.

Your network number

Your life number is symbolized by a duck. In a game, you can only have up to three ducks, limit contact with obstacles and lose your life. In addition, in the process of finding golden eggs, you can also restore your life if you earn by smashing gift boxes. However, this duck will try to move so you have to catch it quickly.