Route Digger

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Specifically about Route Digger

Return the ball to the chimney in Route Digger. A simple game, just draw the path for the ball to move in the sand to the chimney. Complete 30 levels in a short time.

In this game, your task is to bring the ball to the chimney by drawing a line in the sand for the ball to run down. The ball is on the sand and the chimney is in the depths of this golden sand. Move the ball so that it runs down and back to the chimney.

The balls will appear more and you have to move the balls corresponding to the color of the chimney to bring them back to your chimney. Move each ball in turn, don't worry if the ball does not have the same color to the wrong chimney, continue to draw a path so that the ball of the wrong color returns to its chimney.

The game with simple, gentle control mechanism is suitable for those who need light, leisurely games, without time or goal. The game is also very suitable for players who have used a lot of joystick and need a break.

Levels in Route Digger

The game has a total of 30 levels. The difficulty of the level increases as you go through many previous levels. The obstacles will be more and more difficult and hinder the ball. Need to move skillfully, smoothly avoiding obstacles so that the ball still runs to the chimney.