Rope Help

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Rope Help is a mind game that uses a rope to move a rope character from one piece of land to another. Complete multiple challenges to unlock new characters with your diamonds.

Jump with rope

Use the rope to connect the landmarks together to bring the main character to his destination. As the name of the game is rope the main characters are standing on one side of the land move to the other side of the land. You must connect the rope to make the rope hook with the landmarks on the screen to reach the hook of the other piece of land. Also, pull the rope so that the obstacle does not reduce the number of people and some challenges need to load more people during the rope to meet the criteria across the land. Badland is also another interesting game that you should not miss, try it right now after this game.

Details in the challenge

Round landmarks are what keep you away from obstacles or help you collect more people during the rope.

Sawtooth is the main obstacle of the game. It causes your troops to be reduced in number during the rope. Choose a path to avoid obstacles or if you have to go through obstacles, you need to adjust the number of people on the rope to avoid being destroyed by the cog.

Number of people requesting

On the other side of the land there was a sign showing the number of people to land. Pass the required number and you will unlock the next challenge. And if the number of people is not enough, you need to try again until you pass the current challenge.

Unlock new characters

There are 8 new characters that need you to unlock. These characters will be randomly selected when you have a certain amount of diamonds. The more challenges you complete, the more diamonds you will receive, keep using them to unlock the next new character.