Red Ball Forever 2

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Adventure with Red ball to find your way home in Red Ball Forever 2. Avoid all obstacles in fifteen levels, and collect all the stars to quickly unlock four new characters.

Red ball's adventure journey

Red ball is on a journey to find his way home. The journey home is full of thorns and obstacles. You will also find another challenging adventure in Badland. But Red ball is very optimistic, he always has a smile no matter how difficult it is. Along the way, he has to face many obstacles and you need to help him avoid them to get home safely. Journey through 15 levels with different terrains and obstacles, and go home with Red ball as quickly as possible. A level only has a maximum of three lives, survive the obstacles and don't waste lives if it is not necessary.

Challenge in 15 levels

Try your hand at 15 levels of the game. You need to overcome many different challenges in many different situations and obstacles. Cross all terrains and reach the finish line safely. Note that you can only be wrong up to three times if you accidentally hit an obstacle because you only have three lives. Using up three lives, you'll have to start over.

Character Unlock

Unlock four different Ball characters with their respective stars. Collect stars along the way on your journey to the finish line. And don't miss a single star because they are very useful in unlocking new characters. Stay tuned and see what the characters you unlock look like.

How to control

Use arrow keys to move Red ball