Rail Slide

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Rail Slide Overview

Help the man get the longest cane in the Rail Slide. You have the task of holding the stick, collecting sticks scattered on the road. Collect gold coins and unlock new characters.

Start the game with the image of the athlete holding the stick going forward. You need to move the sticks in the right position to make your club longer. Try to collect as many sticks as you can to become the person with the longest stick. Measure your stick when you reach the finish line.The longer your stick, the more advantageous it is in multiplying points

Along the way, you will encounter serrations that will shorten your cane. Try not to move too close to the cog. Meanwhile, collect beautiful gold coins on the way.

Unlock new characters in the game

The money accumulated from running and giving the longest stick will make you a decent accumulation. Use them to unlock characters in the shop. Just spend 500 gold coins, you can unlock any of 15 random characters.

Also, you can use lucky draw to get random rewards. When three shapes match, you will receive a reward. It can be new characters, money. Tap lucky spin is unlimited. You can click as many times as you like until you get the reward.