Ragdoll Warrior

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Ragdoll Warrior kills opponents with the weapon in his hand. Move by levitating and take advantage of the opponent's critical position of chest and head to finish the challenge quickly. Choose the next character to fight with your bounty.

Fight with your weapons

Start the challenge with the image of a robot holding two swords in both hands. Choose a game mode and start taking on the challenge. Your character cannot fight alone, so he needs your support by moving him towards the opponent. Use your sword to attack the opponent. The critical point to completely kill the opponent is to focus on the chest and head. Take advantage of the opponent's opening to kill him.

Prepare for battle

Challenge in modes

Classic is a game mode with an opponent. Either you win or the opponent wins. The faster you successfully kill the opponent, the more bonus you will get.

Endless is a game mode with many opponents. You will fight in turn with each different opponent. After successfully killing one opponent, another will come forward and the fight always goes on. The game only stops when you run out of power. The number of opponents you kill will determine your bounty amount.

Character selection

You will start with the main character is a robot with power parameters at the top right of the screen. Try to win many battles to get lots of bonuses. And use that money to buy new characters. New characters will have different power parameters, choose one of them to start the fight.