Raft Wars

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Raft Wars is a fun shooting game. Simon brothers are playing in their territory when the strangers want to take your territory. Use your gun to kill the enemy so they don't take your territory.

Use a gun to shoot bullets at the opponent

Use your gun, aim the shot and drop bullets at the enemy. You need to aim the shot accurately so that the enemy is injured. Select the range and movement speed of the bullet. The first move will be yours, then your opponent's turn. Both will shoot in turn until the longest surviving team is found. When the enemy hits you, you will lose some of your power. The power bar at the top of the characters will show the percentage of strength. Making two characters of the opposing team completely lose their power is what you need to do. To get 3 stars in the challenge, you need to hit the enemy with the least amount of bullets.

Some more info

Prepare for battle

After each win, you will get some bonus in place of the win. Use that money to upgrade your weapons or buy more protective gear to stay strong longer. Before starting the war, you have the choice to invest in the weapons or choose to continue fighting with the current gun.


There are a total of 13 different levels in the game. You will experience many different contexts as well as the positions of the opponents to choose the firing line to hit the enemy.