Rabbids Wild Race

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About Rabbids Wild Race

Take part in a competition between rabbits in the Rabbids Wild Race. You join many different players around the world in a race to fly and run and finish first.

Start the game with other opponents

Rabbits from all over the world compete against each other for the first prize. You can choose to fly in the air or run on the ground to compete with everyone. Fly in the air to collect gold coins and stars. Also collect features that help you in the competition such as U-magnets to attract gold coins, shield symbols to protect yourself against obstacles, and a number of other powers. Try to move fast forward while getting far away from the opponent, close to the finish line or have an advantage in collecting gold coins, features, ect.


During your journey, you will encounter many obstacles such as electric shocks, stairs in the opposite direction, rabbits holding weapons pointed at you, ect. Limit going into obstacles that cause you to lose your life and remember, you only have 3 lives to maintain during the game. Out of life then the game is over.

Compete with rabbits that look similar to you but wear different costumes. Become the surviving bunny and reach the finish line first. Use the gold coins you earn to collect the outfits you want.

How to control

Hold down the mouse to let the rabbit fly higher. Release to jog or collect useful things then click to fly.

Character ideas

The game is inspired by the famous cartoon Rabbids Invasion. The movie is about the alien rabbits on their flying saucers traveling to Earth. The ignorance of the rabbits is the endless source that makes the Rabbids Wild Race game born.