Protect My Dog 2

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Protect My Dog 2 challenges you to rescue a Shiba dog from a swarm of aggressive bees. Draw a line to protect the dog, maintain it for 5 seconds and don't get stung by the bees and you win.

Image of Shiba dog

Shiba is an adorable dog with a yellow body with two yellow eye patches and a white mouth area. Shiba is famous for his adorable image, so he is loved by many people. However, this dog's enemy is bees. They don't like the dog's cuteness at all, so they find every way to sting the dog. Bees are mean so protect this adorable dog from the bees.

Protect your dog from bees

Draw a line to protect the dog

Aggressive bees are waiting for the right time to sting the dog, and to protect the dog, draw a protective line so the bees can't get in. You can draw any shape you want as long as the bee cannot penetrate and sting the dog within 5 seconds. The challenge will be even more difficult when you not only avoid the swarm of bee stings but also find a way to not fall on the screen, fall into water or lava.

Maintain protection

After you draw a guard line, for 5 seconds, you must maintain this time and make sure no bees can break into your protection is you pass the challenge. The upcoming challenges will be more difficult, forcing you to have the right strategy. The drawing is unlimited, you can draw as much as you want but it is only done in one stroke.