Popcorn Eater

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Popcorn Eater filled the man's hungry stomach. Release the popcorn from the box to the man's mouth. Collect all three coins and be careful not to let the popcorn out.

Fill your hungry stomach with popcorn

Move the popcorn to the man

The man at the bottom of the screen is very hungry and popcorn is his solution. Let's take the popcorn from the box and move them to the man's mouth. He is really full when an “Eat Line” is filled.

Collect gold coins

In each challenge there is a maximum of three gold coins and you need to move the popcorn to collect all the gold coins and still ensure the main task is to bring the popcorn to the mouth of the man waiting below.

These coins are valuable in shopping for new flavors of popcorn along with a variety of designed packaging for you to choose from. If you're tired of traditional popcorn, why not try new flavors like caramel popcorn, chocolate popcorn, bean curd popcorn, or a different type of snack.

Don't drop the popcorn

If it was simply moving the popcorn to the man's mouth, it would be too simple. Here is an additional challenge that you must not let the popcorn go outside up to 3 pieces or else you have to do it again. Popcorns can only be dropped onto fixed bars. Overfilling the popcorn too quickly causes the popcorn to roll out. Especially when the challenge is getting more and more difficult, you need to be careful, calm and do it slowly so that not a single popcorn falls out.