Pokemon Link

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Pokemon Link is a classic game with all pokemon species. This place converges all pokemon species and your task is to connect two identical pokemon with up to three straight lines.

Pokemon Coverage

Pokemon is a Japanese anime that is very popular around the world. The film is about the journey to discover different pokemon and exploit their strengths. If you are a lover of this movie, surely you cannot help but know this game. This is also one of the classic games that have appeared for a long time but it is still very hot today. Go back to childhood in this game.

Pokemon Link Classic Game

The pokemon will reappear in this game. And you need to do is to connect two identical Pokemon. However, you can only connect to a maximum of three lines. Need to remove them from the screen until there are no Pokemon left and before time runs out then you win.

Notice the time

To speed up your search and practice your observation, the time bar is placed on the right side of the screen so you can quickly see your progress. Quickly combine Pokemon until the screen is empty and before time runs out.

Play Style

You will notice there are 5 types of challenges in this game. The first level, the shapes will not move after the Pokemon disappear. The level of the game will become more difficult when going to the next level. The shapes will move left/right, up/down as the Pokemon disappear.