Plants Vs. Zombies

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About Plants Vs. Zombies

Join the plants in defending the farmer's house from zombies in Plants Vs. Zombies. Arrange the plants in front of the house and let them fight the zombies.

The appearance of Zombies

A peaceful peasant village with green lawns, people help each other in farming and build a good life together here. However, the territorial appropriation of zombies did not know where to come from, causing everyone in the village to run away from their homes. Only one old farmer did not accept the attack of zombies, he did not give up his house. Instead, he has carefully prepared the tools, to protect his house from the damn zombies that are plants. They are not just normal plants but plants with life, fighting zombies and protecting the house for their owners. Get ready for the battle.

Prepare for battle

Zombies are approaching your house. Before that, you need to choose the plants that you think are necessary to bring into the match. Do not hesitate, procrastinate too much on the selection of plants. However, one of the characters that I often see you choose a lot is Peashooter, Sunflower, Cherry Bomb. These are the three typical characters that are chosen the most and are also ranked first compared to other characters. Typical of the main characters is a quick recovery, requiring little light to select. If Peashooter is likened to a gun that shoots beans that cause zombies to die slowly; Sunflower is a sunflower that gives you the sunshine to buy other plants; The Cherry Bomb is like a ticking time bomb, blowing up zombies with a radius that explodes with a block of grass in the garden. In addition, choose other plants to help you in fighting and killing zombies. Choose plants with high combat stats wisely.

There are a total of 50 plants and 43 zombies. You can read the parameters of the characters to make adjustments in the selection and placement of plants to win the battle.

3 modes

Adventure: Classic game mode. Go up to higher levels with more scenes like night, swimming pool, ect. Unlock each character corresponding to that level if you win.

Pavilion: Mode with different contexts with strange zombies that you have never seen or read the information of these zombies to establish your plan. Simply fight hard in battles with new zombies.

Minigame: A collection of mini games, unlike the classic mode. In these games you will be played with many ways to play and the game will guide you before starting the game.

Substitute for Sunflower

The higher you go, there will be more contexts such as fighting in the dark, swimming pool, zombie field. Especially when the scene and night, you can't use Sunflower because they need sunshine to create artificial sunlight, now you need to use Sun-shroom or for it. This mushroom produces small sunbursts of low value, and as it grows, the mushroom will produce more valuable sunshine. The mushroom makes the first 15 mini suns for 7 seconds, then it makes the sun every 24 seconds. After 120 seconds, the Sun-shroom will grow to its full size and be able to create normal suns.