Pixel Smash Duel

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Pixel Smash Duel is a fun pixel game where characters fight each other with guns. Shoot down enemies with your gun or push them down from above.

A pixel game with diverse pixel characters. The characters are designed and assigned to you completely at random. Your main task is to shoot down the enemy or push or self fall from a high place. Avoid your opponent's bullets by jumping, holding the button to raise the weapon and letting go to shoot. The battle has no end, play until you can't play anymore and the blood dries up with the opponent.

Game mode

1 player: You will fight the AI. The opponents are quite heavy and they always find a way to attack you by jumping up, coming towards you and shooting. Do the same with your opponent. Uncompromising battle. Who gets more goals to win. And the first person to reach 5 gold wins is the winner.

2 players: Invite your friends to play together to make the game more fun. There's nothing more fun than playing games together. Playing games together to pass the time is also a good idea.

How to control

Player 1 uses W to jump, E to shoot.

Player 2 uses the up arrow to jump, M to shoot.