Piano Master

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Piano Master shows your piano playing level. Tap the black keys to match each beat of the music. The points determines your ability to hit the right beat.

Play like a real piano player

Choose a song that you love the most and start the game to show off your piano skills. Press the black keys before it hits a straight line below. You will stop when you finish a song. The number of points is high or not depends on whether you hit the right beat, in the right place or not.

Play many songs

This game synthesizes all the most famous songs in the world, so some typical songs you will surely know. In addition, some songs are taken from famous composers in the world such as Mozar. You will immerse yourself in a world full of sounds.

Beat each beat of music

Your task is to press the black keys that are played from top to bottom so that you do not miss a beat. These keys are arranged in a messy way, so you need to be very focused to press them. There is a limited line at the bottom that is the distance to see if you have missed any keys. When you miss a beat, this line will show up in red to let you know.

Concentrate while playing

Each song has a different tempo. If the song has a slow tempo, the keys will move slowly, and the song has a fast beat, the keys will move quickly. Focus on listening to the sound. When it's time for the song to go fast, that's when you need to speed up and focus more.