Penguin Wars

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Penguin Wars is a battle between two teams of penguins. They fight each other with guns and snow is the bomb to destroy both sides. The team that exists the longest will be the winner.

The battle between two teams

You and your opponent will compete against each other to see who can last the longest. To reduce the number of opponents, you need to shoot snow to hit the opponent to be able to kill one. Use your ice cannon, hit the target and shoot the snow, wait for the results to see if you can shoot down the opponent or not. The turns will be divided in turn, you will start first and then the opponent.

Player modes

You can choose 1 player mode against AI or 2 player mode with your friends. Each team will have three members, the team that shoots down all the members of the opposing team is the winner.


To be able to get to the shore, you need to overcome the barriers that are opponents who do not let you go ashore. There are 9 challenges you need to successfully complete to be able to get ashore.

How to shoot snow

Using your gun, reposition where you want to aim and shoot when you're ready. In addition to the snow as a weapon for you to shoot down your opponents, you also have grenades and rockets. These weapons are similar to snow, but their numbers are not many. If you want to get more of these weapons, you need to make multiple matches successfully.