Penalty Shooters 2

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Penalty Shooters 2 Overview

Participate in the football match of the century in Penalty Shooters 2. Shoot as many balls as possible into your opponent's net. Became a soccer champion through many group competitions.

Choose your team

There are a total of 32 teams corresponding to 8 groups. Different names and shirt colors. And each group has four teams of your choice. Group A is the highest team that equates to the hardest playing ability. Group H is the final table corresponding to the easiest playability. Boards from H and above increase with increasing difficulty. But don't take it too seriously, simply choose a shirt color that you like.

Group stage

After choosing the shirt color and team you like, you will be randomly assigned to compete with 3 more teams. Two teams in one group, the two winners of the four teams will compete in the final round. To understand the characters in the tables, P is points, W is wins, L is loses, GD is goal diff.

How to play

The task that you need to do is very simple. Kick the free kick into your opponent's net so that their goalkeeper can't block your shot. Don't let the goalkeeper know which direction you're going to kick the ball so they can block it. The goalkeepers are very sharp, they can know in advance which direction you shoot, so shoot wisely. The contest competes to find the ultimate winner, you will also encounter this goal in Venge.io. Be the football champion of the century.

Way to control

A red dot will move back and forth on the edge of the grid, click where you want to stop. Sit and watch and wait for the results to see if the goalkeeper can catch your ball or not.