Paper.io 2

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Paper.io 2 is a multiplayer io game. Here you will mark your territory and compete against your opponent. Become the person with the largest territory in this arena.

Mark territory in Paper.io 2

Increase your territory

At the beginning of the game, your territory is very small, take advantage of all the space around you where there is no opponent to look and quickly make it your territory. Be careful with opponents bigger than you because they can take your territory if you are not in your territory. Carefully observe the opponents around you, slowly occupy the remaining territory to increase the area.

Take over the opponent's territory

In the process of increasing your territory, take advantage of the opportunity to seize other people's territory when the opponent has a smaller area than you and is not wary of their territory. This will be easier when there are too many opponents and the space to increase the territory is no longer available. At this time, it is only possible to usurp each other's territories to find out who has the largest territory. The race will become more and more fierce as the opponent becomes more formidable.

Become the person with the largest territory

To be able to occupy 100% of the area is a very difficult challenge and few people can do this. By too many strong opponents with large territory. Rivalry and fierce territorial competition as rivals become formidable. Both defending one's territory and taking over the enemy's territory when their tail is outside their territory is not an easy thing.