Papa’s Freezeria

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Papa's Freezeria is one of Papa Louie's series of games. Experience working as an ice cream salesman in an unlikely situation. Take orders and fulfill customer requirements.

The story of the ice cream salesman

A received a job offer from an ice cream shop. The special thing about this store is its location in the most prime part of the beach, where many of the biggest, most spectacular cruise services she knows. She accepted the invitation and came to work. On the first day of coming to the store, unfortunately, the store owner had an unexpected job and could not assist her with the tasks that needed to be done. The ship had docked, the passengers got off the ship. Oh no! She has not been trained, what to do now. But don't worry because you have your support. Let's start making money from selling ice cream.

Selling when the shop owner is away

Things to do

Order station: Customers will order at the counter, where customers will state their order requirements. Please accept the application and proceed to the next step.

Build station: The reception counter conducts ice cream according to the customer's request. Here, you will take the amount of cream according to the level that the note requires. Choose the right cup size for the customer, pour the ice cream from the ice cream machine into the cup.

Mix station: The counter where the ingredients are added to the ice cream. Can be strawberry, chocolate, ect. Then, put in the ice cream mixer so that the ingredients are bound together. Little attention to the degree of stirring of the cream according to the customer's request.

Top station: The counter proceeds to add toppings on top of the ice cream cup. Choose the toppings that the customer chooses. Proceed to the topping from the bottom up according to the note on the right side of the screen.

Once done, click Finish to give the product to the customer. Get response to customer reviews and get tips. The more you follow the customer's request, the more tips you will receive.

Accomplish daily targets

You will challenge yourself to be an ice cream salesman by day. The more days you work, the more customers come and you can earn more tips.