Papa Cherry Saga

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Papa Cherry Saga takes you into the world of sweet candies. Combine the same candies in a straight line when matching 3 candies and create special candies when matching 4 or more candies.

Kingdom of sweets

Challenge in the candy kingdom and find the best, most unique candy in this kingdom. To get it, you need to go through many different challenges to get to the final challenge. Complete all the challenges and progress to the final destination.

Combine the candies

Like any other match game, you match candies of the same shape in a straight line in length or width. To create a combination of candies with special features, you need to match at least 4 candies or follow a combination in the shape of an L, T to create a candy with superior features.

Collect on demand

Before each challenge, you will be asked to collect a certain number of candies. The requested candies will automatically withdraw if you match those candies on the screen. And in the match process, if you collect other candies as required, you will only get more points, not pass the level.

Take fewer steps

This is a light mind game, you need to make the most of the fewest steps to add more points for yourself. The number of steps left after completing the requirements is less or more will determine how many points you will be added.

Explore the world of sweets

If you are a lover of sweets, you cannot ignore the challenges of the game. You will visit the kingdom of cakes, gingerbread, ice cream, ect and many other sweets. Each candy kingdom, you will experience with 10 different challenges. And each time you go to another kingdom, the candies will be changed into the food corresponding to that kingdom.