One Line

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One Line challenges your mind with a drawing line. Keep our 3D character safe from the impact obstacles which cause him to get hurt. Maintain protection for 3 seconds to complete the challenge.

Take the main character protection challenges

The main 3D character is a sensitive person, just a light touch can hurt him. That's why you need to draw a line so that the obstacles do not hurt him.

Practice reflexes for difficult situations. You can also try again and again until the 3D man is completely unharmed.

Common situations

Some situations that you often encounter like wasps swarm, deadly raindrops, killer killer, giant rock, ect. You must draw a line such that these objects cannot come into contact with you. If your drawing is not solid, it will create conditions for objects to hit you.

Besides the objects that can harm the main character, there will be things that can help you in protecting the location of the rocks. Use it as a stepping stone to draw a protective line for the main character.

The time protects 3D character

Duration of protection for 3 seconds. If during this time, you can help the character not get injured, then you will win and go to the next level. On the other hand, if you can't maintain protection within that time, you need to try again until you succeed before you can move on to the next level.

Unlimited challenges

Endless and endless mind game. Every time you win the current level, you will move to the next level. If you try too many times without completing the challenge or do not want to play again, click skip, watch ads to go to a new level. In addition, Relic Runway is also another brain game that you can try to train your brain.