Om Nom Connect Xmas

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Om Nom Connect Xmas is a match-3 puzzle game with the green frog Om Nom in the Christmas. Select two similar images until the level runs out of images. Challenge the puzzle before time runs out.

Christmas atmosphere is a festive occasion that everyone is excited and looking forward to. On such days, everyone gathers together, enjoying the festive atmosphere with their family, acquaintances, relatives and friends. Based on that joyful atmosphere, Om Nom also wanted to organize a small occasion to contribute to this joyful atmosphere. With familiar characters in the famous cartoon series Om Nom, the lovely green frog will reappear with his friends in this game. Try a new game of the character Om Nom in Om Nom Connect.

Gameplay of Om Nom Connect Xmas

The mechanics of this game are very simple. Just select two identical images to increase the space of the game. Select the same pictures until the game no longer has any images. However, you also have to be very sharp and focused to solve the pictures before time runs out. Time to play a game is limited, it will be displayed at the top of the screen. Please complete the game before time runs out.

Features of the game

Game modes

There are 5 modes with different difficulties. With the first mode, once you have successfully merged a pair of images, the remaining images will not be shifted. With the second mode, the images will be shifted upwards after you successfully merge a pair. With the third mode, the images shift downwards. In the fourth mode, the images are shifted to the right. In the fifth mode, the images are shifted to the left. Match the pairs of pictures carefully because when there is no more water to go, you will lose a shuffle.

Support features

There are two features you need to keep in mind: Shuffle cards and hints. These are two features that help you when you can't find or move to combine pairs of photos. However, do not overdo it, only when necessary to use it. In addition, after each successful game, you will have a random reward such as points, shuffle feature, hint feature.