Object Hunter

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Object Hunter is a game of hide and seek in the form of objects. You and some other friends will go to hide from the seeker. Use disguises so the seeker can't find you.

Hide and seek

This is a fairly popular game that requires 2 or more people. One will play the seeker and the other will play the fugitive. Your choice as a seeker or a fugitive. The seeker has to find absolutely everyone. And the person hiding tries to hide and the position that the seeker cannot find. For a fixed time, when the bell rings, can you find all the fugitives playing the seeker or remaining and undetected to the end of the fugitive. But with this game comes more originality.

The difference in this game

Compared to the usual find and hide game, in this game there is a novelty that the evader will disguise themselves as objects in the house. Will it last a long time and not be discovered by the seeker?

Play hide and seek

Compete against 8 other players, choose a seeker by random, and one of those random spins can be someone else or you.

For the seeker

In a fixed time, the seeker must find all the fugitives disguised by household objects

For the hider

After identifying the finder, you will be randomly selected one of three disguised objects. Then quickly ran away. Choose a place that is less suspicious and lasts until the end of time.

Avoid the seeker

When you feel the seeker is about to find you, and are about to hit you with the stick, move quickly away from the area so as not to get hit.