Music Line 3

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Enjoy music with the cube in Music Line 3. You will be immersed in the vibrant music, and it is the control of the cube moving in the allowed path. Avoid hitting the sides of the road.

Live with music and cubes in Music Line 3

Immerse yourself in vibrant music along with the cube. With simple gameplay, control the cube to move within the allowed path. The path is not easy, it will create difficulties for you, making you unable to keep up. The bends will create a lot of dead corners that your cube can't dodge, so focus on a certain level. Music is also a factor to help you focus more, if you notice the road turns will be interrupted to the rhythm of the song. When you avoid a bend will automatically coincide with the song, this is also the advantage of this game.

There are many songs for you to choose. For the first playthrough, you need to complete two pre-existing songs to unlock new songs. Each lesson will have its own difficulty level, as long as you concentrate hard, you can complete the challenge.

Buy item in Skin Shop

In the process of perfecting the song, help the cube collect the diamonds. The more you accumulate, the more you can buy items in the Skin Shop. There are many shapes and colors here for you to choose from. Renew and start with a new song.