Monster Pet

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Raise a unique pet

Monster Pet is a pet care game with a version of monsters. You will take care of them like feed them, put them to sleep, let them play and always keep them in a happy state.

Contrary to other normal pets, dogs and cats, in this game, your pets are monsters. It sounds creepy, but their interface is very attractive to others. Their cuteness will make you fall in love and you will devote all your attention to taking care of them to the fullest. Another character that is equally cute and familiar to many people will be recreated in Om Nom Connect. You can try it after you play this game.

To keep your pets happy, you need to do some work such as feeding, sleeping, taking medicine, going to the toilet and washing mind. To-do symbols will be displayed at the top of the screen and you always leave them in green. When they turn red, immediately perform the task to make the symbol turn green.

Some other features

New shopping

The money that you earn from playing the games will help you buy some cool stuff in the store. Some of the products sold will be divided into categories such as clothing, glasses, hats, eyes, and skin color. Choose the items you like best to change the look of your pet.

Carry out the quests

Some tasks are listed in the left corner of the screen. Doing all the challenges will give you extra income. Completing more difficult challenges will get more coins.