Monkey Mart

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Start a business with the adorable monkey!

Become the owner of a shop for agricultural products in Monkey Mart. Start a business with empty hands, help the monkey start a business with the items he has.

Things you need to do

The monkey has a passion to be the owner of a supermarket. He cherished his dream and started a small business such as corn and eggs. Harvest those products and put them on the shelves for customers to pick up and pay at the cashier. At first you will have to run back and forth because you are all alone, but don't get discouraged. When you accumulate a certain amount of money, expand the items that can make your business run faster.

How to move

Move your monkey to the places you want him to go by using the arrow keys. When you get to the place you need, you don't need to do anything, the monkey will automatically take away and put in the products.

Some extra features

Recuirt new staff

When the business becomes more favorable, use the money you earn to hire more employees. However, the employees will soon burn out. And to increase employee performance, you need to upgrade employee strength.

Character adjustment

You can customize your character by adding accessories to your body. You can also use uniforms with your employees as an image for your supermarket. One of the games that also has a lot of variety in appearance changes that you can see like Venge.io.