Metal Black Wars

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Metal Black Wars sends the soldier into the enemy's lair. Penetrate and destroy all enemies. Maintain your strength until the end of the race and do not lose the strength too much. Take on various challenges and unlock new Acts.

Defeat the enemy

You are one of the best commandos tasked with infiltrating an enemy's lair and destroying them. You are alone and must destroy all enemies. The number of enemies cannot be counted, but there will be a toolbar indicating the completion of the mission. This toolbar is displayed on the screen. Try to stay strong until the goal is completed. Move forward, use your gun as soon as you meet an opponent. You will also encounter another game with various campaigns in Badland.

Various Acts

There are a total of 3 acts with different terrains. Each act will have 8 small challenges. Challenges are followed by completing each match in turn. And in each of these small challenges, there will be 3 levels of easy, medium, and hard play for you to choose from. You will start unlocking with the easy level first. Once the mission is completed, the medium and hard mode will be unlocked. The purpose of playing level classification is to help you increase stars and unlock new Acts.

Weapon Enhancement

Before each stage, go to the weapon section to consider upgrading or buying new weapons. The battle is getting harder and harder, you can't complete the mission with the gun at the lowest level. Upgrade weapons to increase Damage, Fire Rate, Crit DMG and Crit Rate.

Character level up

You will accompany John Digger soldier in many journeys and challenges. Upgrade your character to increase health and speed. In addition, the character level also shows some skills that you need to collect. Tap on any skill, read the instructions at the bottom to complete it, or use diamonds to get it.

You can also experiment with two other mysterious characters, Shadow Dancer and Oldman Trancer. These two characters are unlocked when you reach a certain level. Join and win multiple matches to unlock these two characters.

How to control

Use the in-display driver. Left button to move and select shooting direction. The buttons on the left include R to change weapons, K to drop bombs, L to restore health, Space to jump, target to shoot.