Meowfia Evolution

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Meowfia Evolution gathers all the cats and forms a cat gang. An idle game about merging cats together. The amount that you get their own shit.

Summoning Cats

It's simple to merge and unlock the cats. All it takes is patience to unlock different cat species until you find the cat with the highest level. Bag Delivery, Fish Delivery and some other items will automatically recover which can help you complete the task faster. Use concurrently to upgrade items to progress faster.

Ways to get money

You don't have to do anything as the cat's shit will convert for you. The higher the level of the cat, the more money is received. And that also benefits your pocket and use them to buy high-level cats available and buy some items to increase the value of the money received.

Cat shopping

To merge cats with high levels, you will start with cats in a paper bag. Merge them to find the cat with the high level. If you don't have the patience and need to unlock them urgently, buy them at the store. This saves you time.

Upgrade items

Some items need to be upgraded so that the cat can create more value. At the same time, it also helps to reduce the recovery time of Bag Delivery, Fish Delivery, ect.