Mario Dash JetPack

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Journey to find the missing letters in Mario Dash JetPack

Enter the journey of finding letters with Mario in Mario Dash JetPack. Attach firepower and fly in the air the birds. Avoid touching the birds and collect the missing letters.

Mario is on a journey to find the missing letters. The main thing to do is to collect each letter in the air. Join Mario, attach firepower to your body and soar into the air like birds. DI moves skillfully by gliding up and down, collecting coins. However, that is not necessarily the goal. There will be 4 letters to collect. These letters often appear dizzy and you need to chase them to be able to catch up. These letters also go very fast, but if you don't collect it in time, it will reappear soon.

During the journey, you need to dodge the birds that are in your way. Try not to hit it because they cost you your life. And you also only have 3 lives per play. Finishing three lives means the game is over.

Collect the missing mysterious letters. After you've collected enough, celebrate your victory with a fire boost, dash forward, kicking away the birds that stand in your way. But this celebration also appeared briefly for a few seconds, then the journey to find the mysterious letter began again.

How to control

Click and hold the character flying in the air. Release the mouse to let the character fly down.