Little Panda Match 4

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Little Panda Match 4 is a fun match-3 puzzle game. Collect the fruits that the game requires. Arrange 4 of the same food in a horizontal or vertical line to remove the food that the game requires.

Matching foods in rows

In this game, eye-catching graphics with lovely characters such as Badland. Match the same food side by side, starting from three similar shapes and need to match them horizontally or vertically. Create automatic food pairings that increase your score. Completing the target ahead of time will add more points to your total score.

Game modes

Level mode

You will perform in many small levels. You need to do exactly and enough requirements that the game requires to go to another level. You need to line up similar foods horizontally or vertically to remove them from the request. Before starting a level, you will be told what food and how much to collect. Prioritize the moves that the game requires each food to quickly collect enough. You will have a certain number of moves, move the food in the given water. Complete the mission before you run out of water. Fish levels are infinite with different requirements, you can not know where it stops.

Endless mode

You will match the same food horizontally or vertically to collect points. Creating food drinks that automatically shorten makes you multiply exponentially. And in a certain amount of time, try to get the most points. The more points you create, the more time you will add. However, time goes by very quickly, so you also need to be quick to match the food.

How to move

Select the food you want, click and move it in the left/right/up/down direction.