Little Panda Match 3

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Little Panda Match 3 takes you into the sweet candy world of little panda. Collect the required fruits of the game and score as many points as possible. To add points make more three or more moves.

Collect fruits

Enter the sweet candy world of panda bear. In this sweet place, you will collect fruits to collect as many points as possible. Your task in this game is to make moves to collect certain fruits. Choose Level or Endless mode and start the quest. Make moves horizontally or vertically along three moves or four juices. Finish in the least possible go.

Reward Points

The remaining water will add points for you to the bonus points. The more moves you have, the more points you get. In addition, if you want to increase your points, making four moves in a row will create a boom.

Game Modes

Level mode: With this mode you will be tested playing with many different levels. Each level will challenge with different requirements with each different fruit. In this mode you will be experimenting with many sweetness of sweet candies, fruits, cakes.

Endless: This mode you will complete the challenge according to the number of points. The more points you earn, the better. In this level, your task is to score as high as possible in the given time. For extra time to score, make moves with four moves and generate more bonus points.

Experience the platforms

You can play this game anywhere and anytime. On our website you absolutely do not have to download or have any problems. Besides, you can also try the Badland game experience to know more.