Life The Game

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Life The Game is a game that synthesizes many skills such as memory, quick hands, concentration. Help the purple haired boy with the challenges of the game. There are many challenges waiting for you in Arcade, choose one of them and start doing it.

Practice skills with the purple-haired boy

Play as a boy and help him complete the tasks that the game requires. During the task, pay attention to the time. Time is limited, so you have to quickly do it right and in time before the time ends. There are many challenges that need you to do, you will be given instructions before doing the missions, read them before you start playing.

Arcades in Life The Game

The Main Game includes many different missions. Various missions enhance your concentration and observation. Act quickly before the time ends to continue to the next task. You also do not have to worry because if you do not successfully complete the current task, you can also do it again until you pass.

Burger Madness is the mission of making Burger according to the requirements of customers. Look at the notepad, choose the ingredients in it, if you get it wrong, put it in the trash and continue to add other ingredients. The faster the operation, the more correct you will make many Burgers. The game will end when you do not finish within the allotted time.

Study Session is a task not to disturb the boy who is studying. Things that can distract him like text messages, phone calls, TV, ect. Keep these things away from him so he can focus on his studies.

Travel Puzzles is the task of arranging puzzle blocks into a rectangle. The puzzles come in many different shapes, but they will be arranged in a rectangle if you get them right. Take note of the task execution time.

Rainbow Melody is mission to play music. Use your own memory in musical notes. You only have 3 times to do the challenge, just doing one beat wrong will lose 1 turn. Try to remember for a long time the position of the notes.