Kite Kittens

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About Kite Kittens

Enter the sweet world of cats with their kites in Kite Kittens. Cats explore a world full of wool rolls, the cat's favorite item. Collect them and avoid the clouds that cause your plane to crash.

Enter a world full of wool

The kittens have a dream of being able to travel all over the world. Experience new things with different regions. To fulfill that dream, the kittens need a kite that can take them around the world. During the journey with their kite, this time the kittens land in a world full of honey and the cat's favorite thing is wool.

Tasks that need attention

The journey in the world full of wool rolls has no end. Let's collect them as much as possible. But be aware that, in the foreground there will be white clouds that will obstruct your path. Stay away from them because they make your kite inoperable. And also means, there will be no means to help cats travel the new world.

The road will be very difficult because of the appearance of obnoxious clouds. They will appear more and more. But don't worry, you just need to focus on collecting the wool rolls and avoid the cloud as much as possible. Enjoy playing with adorable kitties with their kites in this sweet world.

How to control

Click to control the cat with its kite