Jumpr Online

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Specifically about Jumpr Online

Lead the ball up the stairs in Jumpr Online. The ladder will not have fixed ends. Don't let the ball get off the ladder and out of the screen.

A simple game but not as simple as you think. With a simple mechanism of bringing the moving ball up the stairs. But the stairs are not solid and fixed at both ends. They may have one or two ends for the ball to hit and move in the opposite direction. Pay attention to the top of the next ladder to guide the ball up from the bottom step. Quickly bring the ball up high when you are on the ladder with no head to stop. And also do not let the ball fall off the screen or you will lose and will have to play again from the beginning.

A scale for completing a level you're working on is at the top of the screen. The game does not need you to be fast on speed, just need to be sharp to help the ball move without being out of the screen. Do as many levels as you can. The game also trains your patience, don't hesitate to try it right away?

How to move

Click to make the ball bounce.