Hyper Neon Ball

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About Hyper Neon Ball

Hyper Neon Ball is an entertaining game, putting the ball in the basket. Throw the ball, overcome obstacles and score points. Enjoy neon arcade and vibrant colors in this game.

A game of throwing the ball into the basket. But it's not as simple as throwing and scoring. To make the score phase, you need to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. However, you can also use obstacles as a guide to help you hit the ball better.


The game has 12 levels. The levels will have smaller challenges. A toolbar at the top of the screen shows the number of challenges you have passed in a level. Using your observations, plan how to get the ball into the basket and over the obstacle.


In a challenge, you will be given 3 lives to try again. Use three or less lives to successfully complete the challenge. If you want to get higher bonus points. You should use Restart to reduce heart damage and get higher bonus points.

Buy the new ball at the store

Use points to buy new balls. There are 17 different types of balls and each ball is worth paying in points or diamonds. If you want to buy balls purchased with diamonds, collect diamonds by watching ads. Each time you view, you will be added 20 diamonds.