Hunt Or Hide

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Hunt Or Hide takes you back to your childhood through the popular game of the same name. Choose your character as a hunter or a hider and start your quest. Take the challenge for 60 seconds and complete it within this time and you win.

Character selection

This game is based on a popular game of the same name. The choice is the catcher or the fugitive.

Hunter: you will be blindfolded for 5 seconds, meanwhile, everyone will start to hide. They are in every nook and cranny of objects that you cannot see with the naked eye. Use your hammer to smash things in the house to find people hiding. When you have seen the person hiding, quickly hit him with your hammer to complete the search for a person. Keep doing this until you find everyone and you win. However, time is also limited, you only have 60 seconds to do this. After this time you still have not found all the evaders, the amount received will be small.

Hider: you will start to hide from the hide alarm for 5 seconds. Hide in places where the hunter can't see you. When you feel your hiding place is in danger, immediately run away and go somewhere else. Be careful around you when you move outside. Hunters can see you and chase to the end. After 60 seconds that you survive you will succeed, however if you have been killed during that time you will not receive any bonus.

Features of Hunt Or Hide

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