House Paint

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House Paint turns any house from boring white to different vibrant colors. Buy a city and paint all the houses here and upgrade them to the next level.

Paint the houses in the city

Turn a white house into a colorful house

Use your paint brush to paint on boring white walls and turn them into vibrant colors. Paint all areas of the wall and do not miss any gaps. Use one stroke of paint for all areas of the wall. The more you paint, the more money you get from it. Once you have painted all the houses, use the money you earn to buy another city and continue the paint job.

Obstacles on the wall

The first houses seem like it's easy to paint full walls if there aren't any obstacles but as you progress further some obstacles like windows, trees, vents, ect can make it difficult. okay you or not? Follow the path and paint however you want as long as there are no gaps left.

Expand the city by painting

Every time you paint a house, you will receive compensation for this work. The more you accumulate, you will earn a decent amount of money and use that money to expand to another city. Continue with the paint job when expanding another city.