House Of Hazards

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House Of Hazards is an experience game running away from your own house. Household items are coming towards you, stay away from them not to hurt you.

Avoid objects in the house

Things in the house inexplicably go crazy when someone walks by. They seem to be possessed by some force and become fierce. They won't stop hurting you and they'll wait for you to lose focus and launch so you can't block.

Complete the quests

In this game, you need to perform four tasks as follows

Drink coffee: Start going from the stairs from upstairs to downstairs, this is the routine that you need to do every time you wake up. Sip coffee to become more alert.

Brush your teeth: The next job is to brush your teeth after drinking a cup of coffee. Go to the toilet and use the toothbrush and toothpaste. But they certainly won't let you take it easily.

Pick up a watering can: Go to the garden to plant trees. To water the carrots, you need a watering can, pick them up from the ground and add water.

Get mail: Is the last task that you need to perform. The mail is left in the mailbox in front of the house, so you need to get out of the house to get it. Quickly retrieve and return home safely is the end of the challenge.

Hazards in each area

The tasks that you need to perform are a different area. As mentioned above, to complete the task is not simple. During the mission, some other items will prevent you from completing the mission.

Characters appearing in the game

The 8 main characters in this game are Marissa, Jerry, Samantha, Robo Rob, Buster, Rocking Grandma, Super Sam and Dom. In it, Marissa, Jerry, Samantha and Dom are the characters that will be available before starting the mission. The rest of the characters will appear when you play with Multiplayer mode.