Hide N' Seek 3D

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Hide N' Seek 3D takes you back to your childhood memories through a game of hide and seek. You are a seeker and need to find someone hiding in the house. Search around and choose the location of people who are easy to hide to find people to hide.

Characters in the game

The Seeker

You will play the role of a seeker. Before starting the game, you have 3 seconds to count the number of people you need to find. Search every nook and cranny you can find. Check for large objects where people can hide.

The fugitive

After many successful searches by the seeker, the number of evaders will be increased. This means that the expansion of the hiding place makes the job of finding the hiding person will take more time. To save time searching, searchers need to thoroughly check a room before going to another room to find a fugitive.

Search time

In this game, there is no time constraint so you don't have to worry about finding the hideout. Enjoy relaxing and slowly search until you find enough people to hide.

How to control

Use a combination of both the mouse and the arrow keys. Left click to look around the house and use left click to open rooms or locations where there are blue handprints. Arrow keys to move the hider.