Helix Jumping

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About Helix Jumping

Helix Jumping is a game with simple mechanics but also very interesting. Control the ball to go from the top to the end by going through the clearance of the circular block in Helix Jumping. Avoid landing in red locations.

An interesting version of the game that sends the ball free falling from the top down the circular block axis. Rotate the blocks so that the ball passes through the opening. The more you move down, the more you will automatically give yourself a power that doesn't need to be rotated to cause the ball to break many circles. This power is short-lived and will be hindered when hitting a round block. At the same time, you should also avoid landing on the locations marked in red that cause you to be broken.

Set a record for yourself in the number of meters the ball passes. Perform many different levels with different backgrounds and obstacles. The deeper you go, the more obstacles you will encounter such as the platform block separating and moving around the axis, the thing to pay attention to is always be aware of the red platforms and avoid going right on it. Let's go to the places with the blue down arrow, it helps you to break all the blocks from the top down.

Product unlock

To unlock a ball with a different skin, there are 12 different balls. You need to reach the minimum points it requires in 1 game. Successful completion, you will get it. Similar to Balls, Splashes have 9 different types and also need the minimum amount of points that it requires.