Happy Farm The Crop

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Mahjong agricultural farm version

Happy Farm The Crop is a mahjong game with a farm version. Things about the farm like rice, vegetables, farmers, ect will be displayed through mahjong cards.

The image of an agricultural farm is very familiar to many people. Images of the farm include agricultural products such as rice, different fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, etc. accompanied by farmers who take care of them. In addition, the farm is also popular for raising dairy cows for milk, raising sheep for wool, and raising chickens for eggs. Use this material on mahjong cards.

How to play

Connecting two identical images will remove them from the screen. Keep doing this until there are no more cards left on the screen. It is not necessary that the two images be exactly the same. It can only be different in color, type, and different quantities will not be counted. A number is marked on some cards to help you differentiate. If two images are different but share a number, you can still combine and remove them. 

However, this is quite risky if you don't know how to use them, it can backfire when you don't have any other cards that can connect and can't complete the challenge. The game will end immediately when there are no more pairs of cards that can connect.

The number of stars received after completing each challenge is also quite important. The accumulated number of stars will help you synthesize the stars you need to collect and receive achievements from collecting all the stars. And to always receive full 3 stars, you can only complete the challenge as quickly as possible. As soon as the hourglass appears, try to complete the challenge before that time and you can get all three stars.

Many different contexts

Many different storylines correspond to different contexts. For each of those scenarios, you need to do 100 small challenges to successfully pass the challenge. To unlock scenes, you need to use diamonds earned from the achievement board at the top of the screen. Accumulate many diamonds to unlock the scene you want.