Hamster Town

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Hamster Town is a fun game about raising and trading hamsters. Decorating the hamster room makes the rental affordable while also upgrading your hamster by taking on challenges.

Hamster business

Decorate house

You need to open more floors to accommodate more hamsters. In each floor there are many items to decorate. Buy all the decorations for the room to increase happiness. Remember, making sure your heart is full will make renting a hamster and the income will help you generate additional income.

Hamster upgrade

Upgrading the hamster has the effect of increasing the value of the animal and making the rental more expensive. By feeding them to create energy for play. Follow the instructions for how to quickly upgrade your hamster.

Play games to collect valuables

Giving the game helps you kiesm more money and collect some food. Digging deeper underground makes it easier to collect valuables. But remember, you can only dig where there is soil, ice as an obstacle and you cannot destroy it.

Complete the challenges

A challenge list is displayed at the top of the screen. It will be divided by day, week, stats and event tasks. Performing quests will help you get extra rewards. The rewards can be money, food, ect, to help you in your business and scale your hamster.