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The origin of the infinity gauntlet

Welcome to the game Glove Power, your mission in this game is to collect gems and activate the infinity gauntlet to kill half of the world's population.

The infinity gauntlet first appeared in the Marvel studio's most popular series - Avengers. This is the ultimate weapon of Thanos, when collecting all 6 infinity stones, this gauntlet can fulfill any wish of the snapper. However, without the infinity stones, this is just a very ordinary glove. So you need to find the infinity stones to be able to unlock the ultimate power of the glove.

The way to collect stone

As mentioned above this game is inspired by the Avenger series. However, you will not have to participate in fiery battles to be able to collect infinity stones. Here, you will control the gauntlet to move on a narrow path and collect stones. On the way to collect stones, you will also encounter difficult obstacles. Sharp saws have the ability to move your glove off. Walls moving back and forth along the way will push you down the cliff. There are also countless other difficult obstacles. Let's play and explore it.

Control: You use the arrow keys on the board to control your gauntlet

The power of the infinity stone

This game will create 6 different stones set inlaid on different levels. When you collect a stone it will immediately strengthen the gauntlet and help you reach the finish line faster. The power of one stone is quite strong, but when combining all 6 infinity stones together, it will create an unstoppable power. Here is the power of the infinity stones.

The Reality Stone was introduced as a stone capable of manipulating reality. When facing obstacles it can make half of the obstacles you face disappear. Its power can be even greater when you upgrade this stone.

It is the same as Reality Stone, the Space Stone also has the ability to manipulate reality, but it can only manipulate dead entities. This means it cannot manipulate obstacles, but it has the ability to expand the space. When the space is expanded you will be able to move more easily.

Time stone has the ability to control time. When you activate this stone, time will stand still for 5 seconds, however, you can also upgrade the stone to be able to manipulate time longer.

Mind stone activates your internal energy, it helps you move through the air and easily overcome low-impact obstacles. This stone can even move through obstacles when you upgrade to the maximum level.

Power stone will strengthen you. When you move on the road, it will form a circle of energy around you. This circle has the ability to destroy all obstacles it touches. This stone will not be used for a limited time.

Soul stone is the final piece that creates the ultimate power of the infinity gauntlet. This stone has the ability to control life and death. However, in this game, the stone can only reach its full potential when it becomes part of the infinity gauntlet.