Geometry Dash SubZero

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Geometry Dash SubZero is a new entry in the Geometry Dash series. Inspired by the original game, this designed version will bring you a new experience.

Control in Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash is one of those games that represent patience. With a simple operation, move the character away from the obstacles. Our protagonist will automatically move forward but he cannot avoid the obstacles by himself. Help him not to touch them and reach the finish line. The gameplay is quite simple but it is not easy to pass because you will have to retry many times after hitting an obstacle.

Differences with other versions

The same

SubZero is a version inspired by the original Geometry Dash so it has some similarities. First of all, the gameplay remains the same. Navigate the protagonist moving through platforms, obstacles, and scenery. Some obstacles like blocks, spikes, wheels, saws, ect will be preserved.
At the same time, the main character throughout the journey and the symbol for the game Geometry Dash is the cube. Statuses like Cube, Ball, UFO, Wave, Ship, Robot and Spider will be preserved in this version.


Levels are the biggest difference in this version. It's really not easy to play and easy to pass. Even so, you need a lot of retries in one position to move to a new position. Some players who have experienced it say that this is one of the hardest versions of the versions designed from the community. Therefore, patience is essential to overcome challenges. Multiple retries are the key to gaining a solid experience when playing Geometry Dash games. The list of players with the highest scores also shared that it took a lot of times to complete the challenge. The retries up to tens of thousands of times show how determined and patient the player is.

Winter version theme: During the whole journey, you will witness the world filled with ice. On the blocks there is always a layer of snow on top, spikes decorated with snow layers and sparkling snowflakes will create accents on the path.