Geometry Dash Breeze

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Overview of Geometry Dash Breeze

Geometry Dash Breeze takes you on a journey to experience the 2D Geometry Dash platform. Take the main character through the obstacles and complete the challenge in the least time.

With 21 different levels along with the rhythm element makes this game more amazing than ever. Wear headphones and enjoy the music and experience this exciting game.

What's better than killing time experiencing this game with four different levels. Challenges are waiting for you to experience. Control the cube to move through the obstacles without touching anything. You will unlock a series of changes in the character's appearance when going through the time rings.

With each level will be different challenging interfaces. You will notice its difference during the game so you can compare the difference with the original version, Geometry Dash. With a custom version from the community, not from developer Robert Topala, this is also one of the fairly new custom versions released recently.

Features of Geometry Dash Breeze

Climbing and jumping is essential

The main character is a cube that will change its appearance during the course of the challenge. Climbing and jumping are the two main things that the main character needs to avoid challenges and obstacles.


Although designed with a new interface and different from other versions in terms of obstacles and colors. However, there is no difference in this version of the platform itself. Don't bump or hit any platforms that will cause you to replay.

Try again many times

Although players can experience many other versions of Geometry Dash, you will not be able to anticipate the layout of obstacles that can be easily avoided. It takes several attempts to complete the challenge. See how many retries you need after completing the challenge.