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Rescue cute cotton balls from the ugly bird in Fuzzies. The cotton balls are trapped under the beater into feathers. Let's save them from that machine.

The plot of the game

In a village, lovely cotton balls with vitality are living happily and happily together. The story has nothing to say until an ugly bird in another region finds that her old age in shedding and feathers is no longer splendid. Her glorious past used to be the most beautiful bird with super fine and silky feathers. In order to return to those glory days, she came up with the idea of grinding cotton balls to get feathers, and using their feathers to knit her fur. She executes her plan by building a threshing machine and abducting cotton balls and capturing them under the machine. You need to take action to rescue these cotton balls.

How to play

Use the cotton ball in the inventory to throw it into the array of cotton balls of the same color. You can rotate using a different color cotton ball to throw in. Rescue all the cotton balls before you run out of ammo and the beater is getting more and more depressed.

The game has a total of 15 rescue levels. Save them all so that the ugly bird can't fulfill her wish. The more you throw a cotton ball of different color on the screen, the more and more the stamping machine will go down. By all means save all cotton balls.