Funny Virtual Pet

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Funny Virtual Pet is a pet care game. Do difficult caregiving tasks to keep it in a happy state. Things to do like sleeping, eating, going to the bathroom, changing the look and changing the room.

Things to do

Put to sleep: Too exhausted to be active or do anything or the squirrel simply wants to rest. Help it turn off the lights and go to sleep and you will be rested. Time will tell when the squirrel has to wake up.

Personal hygiene: Help the squirrel go to the toilet and take a shower. Rub the soap on your body and use the water to rinse the soap.

Feeding: Choose to eat salty or sweet. In the dishes there will be some items such as meat, carrots, celery, potatoes. With sweets with chocolate, lollipops, ice cream and Brownie. Select them all and let the squirrel choose what he wants.

Dress selection: You can give the squirrel a makeover by adding a bow, glasses, hat, and beard. In those things are divided into many styles and you choose the one that you like the most.

Adjust the bedroom: You can change some details in your bedroom. Change the wall paintings, clocks, bed sheets and night lights.

Way to play

All work is done with the click of a button. Choose the job you want to do and do it easily.

Suitable age

This is a light game and suitable for all ages. Even with a small age can already play this game.