Fruit Ninja

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Fruit Ninja is a fun fruit slashing game. Slash all the fruits that appear on the screen and leave no fruit. The game ends when three attempts fail.

Become a fruit-slicing master

How to become a fruit cutter

The task is very simple, cut the fruits that appear on the screen and do not miss any fruit. Avoid slashing at the boom because they make your game over. Besides, you also only have three slips if you unfortunately miss any uncut fruit. This game is timeless, it can last a long time if you don't make mistakes. You can also use weapons to complete missions in Venge.io

Tip to get a higher score

When a bunch of fruits appear at the same time, then you should slash a long line so that those fruits are cut in half, when you perform slashes at the same time with so many fruits, you will get a multiplier. Points correspond to the number of fruits slashed at the same time. Thus, your score will increase significantly faster than if you just cut the fruit individually, and at the same time, cut the fruit at the same time to minimize the situation of cutting fruit and losing an unnecessary life.

The attraction of the game Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a pretty famous game in Google play. The game is rated quite high by the players. They find that the gameplay of this game is quite attractive, although simple but not boring. Moreover, the game is suitable for many age groups, so it is very popular with children. To make the game more convenient, an online version is available in this game.